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Network organisations for rubber industry:

Employers’ Association of the German Rubber Industry (ADK)
German Institute of Rubber Technology (DIK)
German Rubber Association (DKG)
Organisation of the German manufacturers of tyres and technical elastomers products (wdk)

Know How for plastic related issues:

Süddeutsches Kunstoffzentrum
SKZ is an experienced and practice-oriented partner for the plastics industry, making a significant contribution to the success of plastic products by providing expert knowledge, competence, and reliability

School for plastic and rubber technology
in Gelnhausen

As an active member of the Fördervereins zur kautschuk- und kunststofftechnischen Berufsausbildung e.V. we are supporting the education of young people in rubber-/plastic technology.

Our certification organisation:

DEKRA Certification GmbH

Association for safety in the chemical industry

Berufsgenossenschaft der chemischen Industrie (BG Chemie)

Our hometown:

Stadt Gelnhausen

We support on a regular basis:

Since 1988 it has been the central mission of Kinderzukunft to give children all over the world a chance for a stable and humane future. Our help is meant to last. In addition to many global projects we keep our own “children’s villages”, schools and educational institutes in Central America and Eastern Europe.
We offer children not only a safe home and food but also an education as a foundation for a better life without poverty and further dependencies.

Youth Orchestra Hailer-Meerholz

Gebr. Horst
Gummiwarenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

Altenhasslauer Strasse 14
D 63571 Gelnhausen

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Fax: +49 (0)6051 / 975850

Site map:
You find us close to A66
highway between Hanau and Fulda,
exit Gelnhausen West-direction "Ind.gebiet Süd".

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Gelnhäuser Str. 100,
63589 Linsengericht
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50° 11' 44'' Nord, 9° 11' 35'' Ost
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