Since more than 90 years we have been producing rubber and plastic parts for various applications and our customers are the automotive industry (OEM's and their main suppliers), manufacturers of electronic equipment and important trading companies.

Long-term experience and suitable know-how in dealing with rubber and plastic materials as well as a modern and rational manufacturing particularly highlights us. Reliability and flexibility are our strength.

Our portfolio encloses technical rubber moulded parts (injection moulding, compression and transfer moulding techniques), extruded tubes and profiles as well as washers, sealing rings or stamped gaskets.

We can offer materials covering the restrictive specification for drinking water applications acc. to FDA, KTW etc. We offer as well products for foodstuffs or medical technology and applications for the environmental techniques.

Beside the traditional rubber section we have continuously improved our achievement spectrum and can also offer plastic parts as well as rubber to plastic or rubber to metal bonded products.

Gebr. Horst
Gummiwarenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

Altenhasslauer Strasse 14
D 63571 Gelnhausen

Tel.: +49 (0)6051 / 97580
Fax: +49 (0)6051 / 975850
E-Mail: info@horst-gummi.de

Site map:
You find us close to A66
highway between Hanau and Fulda,
exit Gelnhausen West-direction "Ind.gebiet Süd".

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Gelnhäuser Str. 100,
63589 Linsengericht
Our coordinates:
50° 11' 44'' Nord, 9° 11' 35'' Ost
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