2018With the entry of Lukas Horst into the management, another generation change in our company has been initiated. His innovative strength will shape the strategic direction of the company in the future. With the successful transition of our management system to IATF16949 and ISO 14001: 2015, we have established risk-based thinking in our organization while strengthening our customers' trust.

2015With the successful certifications of our management system acc. to Automobil Standard ISO TS 16949 and acc. to Environmental Standard ISO 14001 we are prepared to supply our customers on the highest level. By building a new warehouse our infrastructure is ready for the future.

2010The got over economic crisis should be seen as a chance to contrast by special strains from our competitors. By strengthening our development expertise by incorporating a proven network of partners, new products and new applications give us good future prospects ...

2008With the comprehensive renovation and enlargement of the production area as well as significant investments in the renewal of the infrastructure the company is well prepared for a future-oriented adjustment.

1999Willi Horst dies after heavy illness. The destiny refuses the experience of the 75-year-old company jubilee in 2000 to him. Now the management of the company lies in the hands of son Michael.

1997The certification according to ISO 9000ff. standard represents the successful advancement of the company and stands for global competitive ability. The position in the market is strengthened; a modern, economic production protects the jobs of many people at Gelnhausen and promises a successful development to the company.

1985Michael Horst, son of Willi Horst and representative of the third generation, joins the company and in 1990 he becomes a member of the board.

1970Death of Wilhelm Horst. Willi and his sister Alma Horst continue the company on successful paths. Also difficult times are mastered, the main goals are the opening of the markets and the general globalization.

After 1945The reconstruction begins with the employees returning home bit by bit from captivity. In 1947 the production can be started on a low level and it takes Wilhelm Horst, in the meantime supported by his son Willi, quite a long time till the success returned. The company grows up to an important supplier of technical rubber parts for the automobile and electronic industry with more than 100 people.

1945A big fire destroyed most of the buildings.

1943Production has been stopped by the politics and the buildings were rent to company “Heraeus GmbH/Hanau”.

1938After the death of Heinrich Horst the brother Wilhelm continued the company till the second world war.

1930Aquisition oft the "Elektrischen Fabrik" (so called “electrical company”, see the picture left side above) at the “Altenhasslauer Strasse”.

1.4.1925Foundation of the Gummi- & Asbest Gesellschaft Gebr. Horst at the house of their parents, Röthergasse 13 in Gelnhausen. The main purpose of the company is “Rubbers and the distribution of technical and surgical rubber & asbestos goods”.

prior to1925The brothers Heinrich and Wilhelm Horst are working in the commercial headquarter of the "Vereinigten Berlin-Frankfurter Gummiwarenfabriken AG“ (later Veritas AG) at Gelnhausen. Based on their long-term experiences in the rubber business they decided to venture the step in the independency and to build up their own company.

Lukas Horst

Michael Horst

Willi Horst

Heinrich Horst

Wilhelm Horst

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