In the most important manufacturing processes injection molding (IM), transfer molding (TM), compression molding (CM) and extrusion we produce a wide variety of articles according to your drawing or sample. When searching for the optimum material, you can rely on our many years of experience. For small series, prototypes or production trials, we still use our full-scale mixing plant consisting of an internal mixer and a rolling mill.

Rubber molded articles

We use the strengths of rubber as a material to solve your individual sealing problems, for insulating, decoupling, isolating, for cable bushings, for fastening, connecting, for closing holes/openings...

Precisely fitting, reliably functional, easy to assemble and disassemble.

Typical molded rubber parts from our product range are grommets, bellows, O-rings, pedal covers, slotted hole grommets, buffers, feed-through plugs and cable bushings.

Silicone molded parts

Silicone molded parts are the alternative when precision parts with high thermal stability are required.

Wir liefern Formteile als Festsilikon (HTV), können aber auch Teile aus Flüssigsilikon (LSR) anbieten, in den Härten von 20 bis 80 Shore A. Das Ergebnis: gratarme Formteile, die höchsten Qualitätsanforderungen gerecht werden. Alle Farben einschließlich hochtransparenter/glasklarer Typen sind lieferbar.

Key applications include seals in vehicle electrics, components in the refrigeration and high-temperature sectors, the food industry (FDA-compliant) and medical technology.

Sealing rings

Cut from extruded tubing, used in a variety of applications. In excellent precision, made of all common elastomer materials. With punchings also available as so-called universal sealing rings. Inexpensive, available at short notice, also in small quantities.

They are used, for example, as sealing rings for cable glands in the electrical industry or as contact pressure rings in hydraulic cylinders.

Hoses, cords and profiles

Hoses, cords and profiles and sections thereof, tailor-made for your very specific application.

They can be used as housing seals, impact protection or customized applications.

Punched articles

Sealing discs, underlays, plates in the contour and thickness you require from the material according to your specification, with or without fabric inserts depending on requirements, also self-adhesive on request.

Compounding program

Unser Mischungsprogramm umfasst alle gängigen Kautschuktypen (ACM, AEM, CR, ECO, EPDM, FKM, HNBR, IIR, NBR, NR, SBR, VMQ, EVA u.a.), schwarz und farbig. Damit können wir Material für alle denkbaren Einsatzzwecke anbieten; viele Werkstoffnormen namhafter Automobil- und Zulieferfirmen werden durch unsere Rezepturen abgedeckt (Freigaben von Daimler, BMW, Bosch u.v.a.). Sie sind sich bei der Materialwahl noch nicht sicher und benötigen evtl. Teile für Einbauversuche, oder andere Tests? Durch unser Mischwerk sind wir in der Lage, in kurzer Zeit verschiedene Variationen Ihrer Musterteile herzustellen.

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