For more than 95 years, we have been manufacturing technical rubber and plastic articles for a wide variety of applications, supplying in particular the automotive industry and its suppliers, the electrical industry, mechanical engineering companies and the specialized trade.

Many years of experience and corresponding know-how in dealing with the materials rubber & plastic as well as a modern and efficient production distinguish us particularly. Reliability and flexibility are our strength.

Our program includes technical rubber aparts from molds (IM, CM and TM processes), extruded rubber hoses and cords or sections thereof, profiles or profile sections as well as seals, discs and underlays punched from sheet material.

Tested compound formulations meet the strict requirements for drinking water applications according to FDA, KTW or similar. We offer products suitable for food applications, supply to the environmental technology sector and provide solutions in the field of water or wastewater technology.

In addition to the traditional elastomer division, we have continuously expanded our range of services and can also offer plastic articles as well as rubber-plastic or rubber-metal composite articles.